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"I found this place very tidy and well organised. I was worried about leaving my daughter at the crèche – couldn’t sleep all night, but the staff reassured me. I felt my daughter was in safe hand and wanted her to stay there."
 — Arti Tanna
"My daughter was really happy when she has come on her first day she didn’t even cry for us! And it was really reassuring to see her on the camera before we left."
 — Samantha Eastmond & Leevell Samuel
"Wonderful staff, great, nurturing and safe environment for children – A great and important part of my daughter’s childhood. Thanks to Little Peepul Day Nursery."
 — Dimple Chauhan
"Just been here for induction for my little boy, who will be starting on Thursday. The place has just brought back loads of memories as my eldest daughter came here as a baby and now she is 8 years old! Lovely to be back again."
 — Parveen Tai
"Was worried with daughter not settling initially in the nursery but now looking at how much she has changed makes me feel more comforting and gives reassurance that I have done the right thing putting her in this nursery. Credit to the staff and management for helping my child in these tough times, to settle well and make her feel safe here. Thank you so much."
 — Deepthi Podutoori
"I feel due to the fact that your staffs are amazing in ensuring that he is part of the nursery. I believe and feel that he is being given that care, attention and love that a child should do in absence of the parents and this is the reason he does not feel like leaving when its home time.
I have visited a few nurseries and have tried trial sessions while searching a "good" nursery for my child and I believe we have found the best one for us.
Excellent management, really friendly, warm and welcoming staff. Please keep up the good work. Thank you so much for everything so far."

 — Mrs Odedra
"All members of staff that we have come across new and old are very professional. We get great support and advice when we needed for example we had a lot of support from all rooms staff and managers when we found out that our first child may have learning difficulties, the amount of support given to us within the nursery itself and outside agencies was phenomenal. If the support wasn’t there then we wouldn’t have known where we would be right now… Staff also sign posted us too during this time. The nursery as a whole is very lively and fun our little one has lots of fun and always talks to his older brother about his day at the nursery. Thanks Little Peeps."
 — Nisha & Amit Sanchaniya
"Firstly, I would like to formally express my gratitude and appreciation to all the staff at the nursery. My child has now been attending the nursery for over 18 months, and is enjoying every minute of his time at nursery, even to the point where he now regularly asks about all the staff members’ names while at home. Furthermore, I would like to personally thank Heena for completing my child’s 2 year old development check report. The report was very informative and detailed, and it allowed me to further consolidate my understanding of where Arian is in his development. I found the report a very positive mechanism of allowing parents to learn more about their child experience at nursery and I found Heena’s detailed recording of Arian development very good and thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will certainly me putting it in our keepsake box for memories. Keep up the good work and thank you all for continued care of the children at the nursery."
 — Nerinder Samaria

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