A Day in the Life of Little Peepul

We believe that every child has inherent greatness and infinite potential and they have the ability to progress and develop in every area of their lives.

We promote the all-round development of children through excellent and fun educational programmes, focusing on music and movement, yoga, science, art, sport, language, literacy, maths and IT.

Welcome to my day at my nursery

8.00 am Good morning Little Peepul.

I arrive at Little Peepul early, where I sing fun songs like “Superman” and “Go Bananas” as part of music and movement. Then I do my morning welcome with my friends and we all have breakfast together.

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9.00 am Play time.

After breakfast I do my yoga exercises. It’s so much fun, I like to do my animal positions and make noises like cats, dogs and big lions!


9.30 am Time for chit chat.

Most of my friends have arrived and we snuggle in the book corner for circle time. We talked about the weather, what we are doing today and our favorite foods.


9.40 am Messy play.

Yes! It’s time for messy play. I’m going to play in the creative area and paint a picture for my daddy “Look what I’ve done!”

10.10 am Snack time.

I’m ready for my drink and snack, so I wash my hands and sit with my friends. I help give out the plates and cups for snack time, we take it in turns. Today we have apples, oranges and juice.


10.35 am Outdoor fun.

Getting ready for playing outside and I can put on my coat by myself. We play running games, hide and seek, sand and mud, which is so much fun!


11.15 am Lunchtime.

It’s nearly time for lunch so I need to wash my hands. Lunch is always yummy here and healthy too! My favorite is pasta bake, garlic bread and salad. Some of my friends can’t eat some foods because they have allergies, so they have special meals made for them. Now that I’m grown up, I feed myself.

12.00 am Time to brush my teeth.

After having my wonderful lunch I brush my teeth so they stay nice and healthy.

12.10 pm Power nap or not.

Sometimes I get tired at nursery and want to sleep. I am then ready for lots more fun and learning in the afternoon.

Sometimes I don’t feel tired so I can play with my friends and choose activities of my choice.


1.00 pm Laughter Yoga.

More friends join me in the afternoon and we all snuggle up again. I love doing laughter yoga, this makes me and my friends laugh so much, we feel really happy and full of excitement.

2.10 pm Time for a snack.

Everyone helps to tidy up all the toys and I wash my hands ready for snack time. This afternoon we’re having raisins and milkshake and it’s my friend’s turn to give out the plates and cups.

2.30 pm Time to feed the fishes.

Our nursery fishes are hungry too, I’m off to feed our fishes with my friends.

2.35 pm Let’s choose a story.

It’s now time to get some fresh air and go and relax in our vintage garden. I can also do some exercise in a fun way on our tricycles and balancing beam. After playing outside, we choose a story and do singing before tea.

4.00 pm Tea time.

I’m having pitta bread with cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers with some water/milk. When everyone has finished tea, my friends and I enjoy doing mark making activities and building super towers with our construction toys.

5.00 pm See you tomorrow.

It’s nearly home time now. Some of my friends are leaving now and it will be time for me to go home soon too. Dad will be picking me up today. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!

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