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Below are some of the testimonials from our early year’s professionals, organisations and business customers.


"I am so impressed with the support the nursery is providing to a child who has SEND. The child is beautifully settled and happy attending the nursery. Her parents are very reassure - Well Done everyone on your inclusive, positive practice."
 — - Cath Jackson – Area SENco - EYST
"Alice (my student) has been given lots of support and this has shown in her assessment. I look forward to my next visit."
 — Ms Walley – Trainer/Assessor Leicester College
"Little Peepul have a lovely calm atmosphere where the children seem happy and engaged in their activities. Thank you for having me!"
 — Pat Wadd – EYQIpT
“I noticed that the general atmosphere of the nursery was one of happiness. This was reflected in the behaviour and attitudes of the children."
 — Ian Berlow – Yoo Photography
"I observed a lovely music and movement session. Green room was very calm and settled. Children were supervised through routines very skilfully. They engaged happily in activities and responded well to the practitioners."
 — Cath Jackson – Area SENCo
"Thank you very much for letting me come and visit. I found all the staff very kind and helpful and particularly nurturing towards the children. It is a great pre-school provision and I was very impressed with the space and provision."
 — Katherine King – Foundation Stage Manager Taylor Road School
"Avtar was very welcoming of advice and suggestions during my visit. They appear to be a very proactive team that are keen to improve."
 — Kelly Mason - EQUiPT
"The children and the nursery staff were incredible and very professional."
 — PC Natalie Liddicott & PCSO Robert Gist – Leicestershire Police
"The nursery is a pleasant, peaceful place to be in. I spent a lot longer than planned as I was so comfortable in the surroundings."
 — Angela Botterill – Work placement administrator Leicester College
"Teaching HAKA to such an amazing group of kids who was so interested in what we had to offer."
 — Nga Manaakitanga – CBD

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