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On till 30th September 2022 and beyond

Peepul Culture is Peepul Centre’s new artistic journey – and a fresh new branch of Leicester’s arts and culture scene. The free programme includes:

Peepul Culture Showcase 2022

22nd September, 6-9pm in the Auditorium.

The evening features 3 Performance Focussed Projects:

  • Polaris – Theatre
  • Hands x Feet – Dance and Music

Hosted by G Sian – Cultural Programmer, Curator and Producer of Peepul Culture. There will also be presentations and panel discussions with the artists.

Language is Power by Sih Yu Chen Found

Printed panels featuring pairs of opposing words and phrases in several languages including Traditional Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Hindi, Thai and Korean. The panels will be mounted onto an oversized book-shaped doorway structure. Visitors are invited to select one phrase from each language and post their vote for the word or phrase they find most comforting based solely on the visual appearance.

What do you need? by Priya Rupra

The artist sources answers from a wide variety of people to the profound question “What do you need?” and writes their responses upon hundreds of grains of rice. These grains are a symbol of nourishment and necessity and are offered to visitors to contemplate or take away as a gift from a stranger. The installation features piles of rice and magnifying devices.

Bartan (teacup series) by Hira Butt

A collection of traditional British style teacups embellished in South Asian decorative patterns using additive materials including diamonte jewels and lace. The teacups will be sourced by the artist and also by participants in sharing workshops and engagement activity. The teacups will be installed individually as precious objects throughout the building to be encountered by visitors for intimate contemplation.

State of Mind by Azaruddin Rahatwilkar

Head-sized glass-blown pieces formed with steel rods and shaped with a variety of tools to produce distinct and autonomous forms. Photograms produced by projected light through the glass-work reveal an x-ray like image portraying the inner workings of the sculptures. The lines of light resemble fiery neural network patterns and distortions, capturing the intricacies and complexities created as a metaphor for the mind.

Grow Your Own Way by Saintly Amok

In collaboration with local residents, the artist will lead a local ‘Seed Walk’ culminating in creating and planting growing beds outside the Peepul Centre. Following this, ongoing visitors will be provided with instructions and the responsibility of nurturing the plants and watching them grow.

This installation brings layers of new life to the space with growing beds constructed from crates
and pallets sourced from local businesses and embellished with sarees donated to charity shops.

The work is inspired by a childhood memory of a small English garden protected by a worn saree. Since 2020 the artist has been tending an allotment with their elderly mother who was raised on a rural farm in Gujarat. We become what we consume, a product of Gujarati seeds grown in Leicester soil.

Time Moves Still by Sundeep Kaur Gill

The work will present a puzzle like photography exhibition that combines the olden and modern parts of Leicester which unravels a story about Leicester, portraying how times have changed and how we have evolved as a city Archival images will be sourced from Leicestershire & Rutland County Council Record Office and enhanced by historical information from the Belgrave Heritage Trust to research the history of Belgrave Area.

Polaris by Rachael James

A family of polar bears venture out of hibernation, for the young Polaris an adventure full of exciting discoveries, for his older sister Celeste a journey of intuition, and for the mother Ania a struggle to hold past, present and future together to preserve her family and herself. Threats arrive from many sources, and most notably from a human laboratory and deeper under the ice.

General Theatre and Arts Information

Featuring local, regional, national and international artists of the highest calibre, productions in our auditorium are a unique mix of music, dance and theatre.

Featuring state of the art sound and lighting equipment and retractable tiered seating – allowing the area underneath to be used as flat floor space, perfect for cabaret and alternative settings – this versatile space can be customised to cater for any event. Facilities for rehearsals located in our fully sprung, mirrored and barred dance studio, as well as other areas for quiet rehearsal time.

The 314 seat theatre also boasts balcony seating areas, 12 wheelchair spaces, furnished dressing rooms and a Green Room.

  •  314 tiered seat theatre
  •  Versatile auditorium
  •  Cabaret events
  •  In the round productions
  •  Backstage green room and dressing rooms
  •  Sound and lighting
  •  Dance studio
  •  Exhibition spaces

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