Peepul Centre Meals Grant by DEFRA for 8 Weeks

Peepul Centre Free Meals Service for the Covid-Vulnerable People is supported by the Government’s DEFRA – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – grant to purchase foods to deliver nutrients meals to the vulnerable people in the Leicester Belgrave area for 8 weeks from 16 June 2020.

Peepul Centre Chairman pushed, with urgency, to start a free meals service for the vulnerable community as soon as the Lockdown was announced and Peepul Centre staff volunteers responded with a 1000 meals service on 31st March but after the April Covid peak the Chairman worried about the volunteers risk curtailed it by a quarter to be up to 750 meals, so as to manage that risk. Recently we have been increasing this level to meet the increasing demand and now with help from DEFRA we shall be providing up to 1400 such free meals for the next 7 weeks.

The project is managed by the team, Chair & MD Anil Bhanot, Chief Operating Officer Hashmukh Pankhania, Director Coromoto Power-Fabres, Financial Controller Survkeet Plaha and the Business Development Manager Nash Chhatralia.

We are grateful to DEFRA Secretary of State the Rt. Hon. George Eustace MP for allowing us this opportunity.


Coromoto Power-Fabres

30 June 2020