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Submission Guidelines Overview:
This call is for proposals to present work that has NOT been previously exhibited. We are especially seeking proposals from first-time public exhibitors and proposals from established artists with new work. Recently graduated students who have only shown at degree-shows are also encouraged to apply.

Submit your proposal as:
Google Form In Writing
Google Form Audio or Video Recording

Peepul Culture is a restarting of the Peepul Centre’s artistic journey – and a fresh new branch of Leicester’s arts and cultural ecology. We are seeking proposals to form a rich, varied and strong programme across art and cultural forms. For example, you can propose anything from a traditional exhibition to a series of lectures, a craft workshop or even an animated installation.

A minimum of 10 proposals will be selected to form a programme that will be presented from mid-August 2022. Learning from the past two years, and the interruptions caused by the pandemic, we want to be reasonably flexible in developing a curated experience for all involved and will work with the selected proposals to ensure a feasible delivery to engage audiences in meaningful ways.

All applicants will receive a free invitation to attend The Peepul Culture Mutual Arts Forum in Autumn 2022 (date to be confirmed).

You must be 18 years of age or over.

Proposals are invited from all arts and cultural forms, including Visual, Performance, 3D, Literary, Moving Image, Digital and Socially Engaged Practices.

Your proposal is required to be relevant to one or more of the following contexts:
– Leicester’s Public and Communities
– South Asian / Indian Subcontinent / Diaspora Cultures
– Global Dynamics and Futures

Selected proposals will be paid a fee of up to £300.

Fair pay:
Proposals will be assessed based on experience level. Selected artists will be contacted and agreement of fee/pro-rata ratio will be contracted on an individual basis.

We are fully aware of the importance of paying for your participation, yet we have a limited budget. Therefore we are extending the services that we offer to you. We offer promotional, production, curatorial and after-care support. Additionally we encourage you to participate in wrap-around opportunities, e.g. talks, workshops, panel discussions, to support your progress and raise your profile. For non-selected proposals we offer email feedback, giving reasons for non-selection and an invitation to develop proposals for future opportunities.

Key Dates:
Open for Proposals:     Monday 11th April 2022
Closing date for submissions:     Sunday 1st May 2022
Notification of selections:     Monday 23rd May 2022
Agreements and Contracts:     From Monday 6th June 2022
Feedback for unselected proposals:     Monday 20th June 2022
Programme Commences:     From mid-August 2022


Submit your proposal as:
Google Form In Writing
Google Form Audio or Video Recording

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