Peepul Health

Health & Wellbeing of our Belgrave and surrounding community

The Peepul Centre has a passionate interest in the Health & Wellbeing of our Belgrave and surrounding communities. Our nearby communities are largely from South Asian backgrounds and we especially seek-out classes that would be both interesting, educational and culturally adapted for our communities.

We have an award-winning fitness facility including a lady’s gym and offer a range of classes including those with accessible facilities.

Classes range from high energy Bootcamp, Garba-aerobics, Dance & Tone, Abs workouts to gentle yoga. Facilities are also hired for NHS specialist classes including Diabetes, Cardio and Weight Loss, health concerns that are prevalent in the community.

Check out The Peepul Centre Gym :

In 2021 during the Pandemic, we started Health and Fitness on-line classes:

  1. Gut Health
  2. Food & Nutrition
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Diabetes
  5. Cardio

In 2022 the Peepul Crisis Café was opened in partnership with the NHS, a drop-in service for people with anxiety, stress and other issues affecting mental wellbeing. The Peepul Crisis Cafe runs on Wednesday, 2-8pm.

Click here to learn more about the Peepul Crisis Cafe


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