Charitable work

The Belgrave Baheno Peepul Centre (BBPC) is a registered charity (charity number 1092389) that works with a number of different organisations to help the local community.


The most rewarding thing is witnessing the development of thousands of ordinary women and the empowerment of communities enabling normal people to take everyday control over their own future.


Everybody in the local community knows somebody who has been helped by Belgrave Baheno over the years. It is this credibility and track record that forms the basis of trust and collective pride in the work of Belgrave Baheno.

  • The project raised and won the first legal test cases against low pay helping to implement the minimum wage assisting thousands caught in a poverty trap to earn a living wage
  • With the support of the local MP, Belgrave Baheno championed The Race Relations Remedies Bill bringing cases of race related discrimination compensation in line with gender related cases
  • For over 20 years the practical activities and programmes of music, dance, education, social welfare, vocational training, childcare and business support helped thousands of ordinary local people to grow


Coffee Morning

The Coffee Morning group was put together by a group of local ladies who just wanted to get together every week for a few hours and get away from all the hustle and bustle of motherhood and daily house chores.

The group provides a comprehensive programme of educational training and leisure activities to suit all.

The ladies meet up every Monday and carry out various activities from dance, arts and crafts to even sharing trade secrets recipes.

Recently the Coffee Morning group have been involved in a big cultural project that combined two very different groups of women from different cultural backgrounds. The Coffee Morning and the Over 55 Moving Together ladies were brought together by Smita Vadnerkar (from Nupur Arts) who also put together their choreography. The ladies have perfumed their collaboration at the Curve theatre.



Look-a-Lady-Ukulele (LALU!)

Project LALU (AKA Look-A-Lady Ukulele) is an all-female ukulele and lyrics based group, running for 5+ years. The project is led by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust in collaboration with Bright sparks (voluntary arts in mental health group) and Peepul Enterprise in association with a range of other partners. The initiative is dedicated to health, wellbeing and cultural unity.

The LALU ladies write record and perform original, multi-lingual, songs – working with leading musicians, including Mellow Baku, lead facilitator – who also supports and leads them in performance.

For more information, please see the groups dedicated website:



Kushi Group

The Kushi Group provides a supportive environment for women experiencing mental health difficulties.

They provide a safe place to build social connections and a sense of community without fear of being discriminated against.

Currently the Kushi Group is working in conjunction with the LALU group and take part in regular performances across Leicestershire.

The ladies meet once a week to take part in various activities such as taking part in the LALU session, arts and craft session, dance and even day out to Skegness.


Adhar Project

 The Adhar Project empowers people to take control of, and manage their own mental health difficulties. They achieve this by using a holistic approach and delivering services in a culturally relevant and personalised way.

Working primarily with the BAME community in Leicester and the surrounding area, their services include:

  • Therapeutic support using arts, social and cultural activities delivered as individual support and group sessions
  • Advice, information and signposting to additional services
  • Advocating on behalf of individuals and communities on mental health issues, ensuring they understand their rights
  • Educating society on mental health issues, challenging stigma and encouraging people to seek early intervention

For more information on the various services that are offered by Adhar, please contact them on 0116 3196560.


Silver Star Diabetes


The Charity runs Mobile Diabetes Units, whose main role is to carry out important diabetes testing and to promote culturally sensitive healthcare in the major towns and cities of Britain.

Regular surgeries are help at the Peepul Centre helping bring awareness to the local community of important health care issues and what can to done to help maintain their health.


Sports Relief

Little Peepul Day Nursery raised £115.16 by doing various activities with the children during 17th – 23rd March 2018 and holding a bake sale.


Look at all the yummy cakes that we had on sale!









Here we are having fun doing our PE class with Dave the Fitness Manager.





Children in Need

Little Peepul Day Nursery raised £98.80 holding a bake sale on 17th November 2017.


Peepul Enterprise in partnership with choice international presents…

Disability Sports and Inclusive Fitness

Free sessions @ Peepul Enterprise, Leicester

Peepul Enterprise is happy to be supporting Inclusive Fitness. That’s why we care about providing affordable opportunities for all.

Ethnic Minority Foundation, CHOICE (Action Rights Development) and Peepul Enterprise are committed to getting more disabled and non-disabled people involved in Disability sports and Inclusive fitness.

People with a wide range of impairments can participate in sports, including Paraplegics, Polio, Spina Bifida, Amputees, Brittle bones, Cerebral palsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Haven’t got a disability?

 Come along!

We are encouraging all those who want to support Disability sports and Inclusive Fitness to come along,

Join in with sessions, have fun and support the opportunities for disabled and non-disabled people in Leicestershire.



Contact Us:

0116 261 6000

Peepul Enterprise, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester, LE4 6DP






The Mehfil Project at Peepul Centre

Mehfil Finale_01 February 2019

I’d like to welcome you all and our honoured guests Lady and Lord Dholakia. Lord Dholakia took up the social justice cause 60 year ago in this country, working through politics from 1961 when he was first elected to Brighton Borough Council and then just over 20 years ago elevated to the House of Lords where he is the Deputy Leader of the LibDem party. I have known Lord Dholakia for also 20 years now and he is a rare politician true to his word and always looking after the community affairs. Thus I have built up an enormous amount of respect for him and thank you Navnit ji for coming and joining us on this our very first British Asian arts performance from our young artists, who need institutional platforms like ours here to develop their arts.

This institution, the Peepul Centre, and its Theatre here is something that was built with exactly that vision in mind, by one of our visionary persons, Rita Patel. I’d like to thank her for doing such a splendid job of building this magnificent centre for our communities and this theatre with the Arts Council’s help.

The Arts Council has now kindly rekindled that relationship with us after 10 years or so to help give our arts a chance.For any new art form to develop we as the institution and our young creative artists need that help, so thank you Arts Council.

Also the Leicester Council extended a small help and my thanks to them.

Finally our very own ArtsHub members, Dharambir Singh ji from the Sitar Music Society, Nilima Devi ji from the classical Kathak academy and Smita Vednerkar ji representing the Bharat Natyam dance form from the Nupur Arts dance academy. The ArtsHub members teach our youth the classical Indian dance and music. As you all know Bollywood music and dance give us the final product but the fundamentals that lie behind it are lost in the stratosphere, which we need to preserve for a new artform to develop from the British Asian perspective. I want to thank our Artshub members for doing exactly that by teaching our youth those fundamentals. And you will see through our rising stars in this Mehfil performance the unique take they are developing for British tastes.

Anil Bhanot
Chairman Peepul Centre

Please check out our newsletter for the month of February 2019.


The Mehfil Project – Self Evaluation Report 2019

Project Summary
A series of music and dance events culminating in a larger-scale finale performance in 2019. The three main aims of the project were:

Goal 1. ARTISTIC – Support and platform local artists

Goal 2. AUDIENCE – Engage and develop audiences in the region

Goal 3. VENUE – Raise the cultural and artistic offer of the Peepul Centre

This Self Evaluation report will summarise the main outcomes of the project and review the activity against these three aims.

In 2015 Anil Bhanot, the Chairman, spoke to Leicester based art organisations to form a network of artists to be based at the Peepul Centre. It took a few years before the Peepul Centre Arts Hub was able to format our first project, funded by the Arts Council, Leicester City Council and EMFoundation. The Mehfil Project aimed to bring people, artists and organisations together through Indian classical arts. ‘Mehfil’ means a ‘meeting’ or ‘gathering’ in Hindi/Urdu so this project sought to enrich the cultural offer of the Peepul Centre by creating an artistic hub or meeting point where artists and audiences of diverse backgrounds could enjoy and enrich their understanding of the music and dance forms of South Asia together.

Click here to view the report.

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