Arts Council grants £49k for R&D

The Peepul Centre is pleased to announce that our Research and Development project has been approved for funding by the Arts Council England. This work will allow us to further engage with the local community and local arts organisations and help build our theatrical arts whilst developing the local artists and their performances.

Peepul Centre’s work has always been to build local networks, as we formed the ArtsHub in 2015 comprising of a handful of local arts organisations and in our enthusiasm gave residencies to local artists too but having learnt from that experience we shall now put our resources together to capacity build ourselves through this research and development grant so that new arts and artists can develop with and alongside the Centre itself.

Although the Covid crisis meant that we had to close the doors of our theatre and restaurant, we have ensured that we still make the most out of our facilities. With the help of our team and volunteers we have provided over 100,000 meals for the most vulnerable and frontline workers from our restaurant. Meanwhile, over 100,000 vaccinations have been delivered against Covid from the theatre that was otherwise closed, thanks to the fantastic work of the NHS team we have welcomed.

Meanwhile, we are self-funding the capacity building of the performing arts whereby our Chairman has been developing our arts offering by building a team of in-house musicians and working on exciting new programmes of work to develop some semi-classical genres seen to be lacking on stage in the UK. In addition, over the pandemic period, he has been building a team of videographers for online streaming. Further to attract our established Bollywood audiences to the semi-classical genres the programmes will be set with a follow on of Bollywood Masti shows in the second half of these programmes.

Our parent charity EMF is committed financially to making a success of the Peepul Centre and with the help of the recent ACE administered ‘Culture Recovery Fund’ from the Government’s Digital Culture Media and Sport Department we have been able to build a strong base as we come out of the Pandemic.

We now welcome and are grateful for this new funding of £49k for R&D project at the Peepul Centre to run from this summer of 2021 to the next spring 2022.


Peepul Centre Management Team

For further info:  0116 261 6000