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News From Our World Mental Health Day

Over 70 Community members attended our symposium marking World Mental Health Day. Leading psychiatrist. Dr Ananta Dave, Chief Medical Officer spoke about health inequalities in minoritised communities and how awareness and culturally sensitive interventions were important. Dr Nij Singh provided hints and tips on how to maintain good mental health.  Representing those who are detained on section, Ranjit Thaliwal, Thaliwal and Veja Solicitors, spoke about clients he had successfully worked with. Dr Santosh Bhanot, Head of Peepul Health, concluded with the Mental health support work we offer at the Peepul Mental Health Café a free, confidential service where you can get advice about your mental health concerns

Peepul Mental Health Café : Open Wednesday 2-7pm   


Peepul Health & Wellbeing Mela Event on 14th May 2023 was a big success as in the above video. 

In partnership with the NHS, the Peepul Centre are offering a mental wellbeing service through the Peepul Crisis Café.

The Peepul Crisis Café provides a safe and welcoming place for anyone that is struggling with their mental health by offering immediate support and guidance.

We are a safe, calm space and a listening ear, offering confidential non-judgmental support with cultural sensitivity and understanding. We can provide help with your situation and share strategies and techniques to cope and help manage your mental wellbeing.

In addition, we can refer and direct you to further services that are available locally that may help you with the causes of your anxiety.

Our Peepul Crisis Café team is a trained team and here for you. We care and want to support you.

We are open on Wednesdays between 2-8pm. If we are closed and you need immediate crisis support, please refer to the following guidance:


You can find more advice:

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